I'm not your regular Old Fashion Travel Agency.

- Tonya Gabriel | CEO & Founder

Mission Statement

Hi-Level Travel is on a mission to redefine the travel experience. We are committed to delivering
unparalleled customer service, ensuring every journey is marked by distinction and authenticity. Our vision is to connect you with unique destinations, elevating your adventures with personalized experiences that capture the essence of each place. At Hi-Level Travel, we craft more than trips; we create memories that reflect your individuality, all while providing the highest standard of personalized service.

Hi, I'm Tonya Gabriel and this is


From a young age, I fell head over heels for the enchanting beauty of the world. My dream was to become a National Geographic photographer, capturing the Earth's wonders and sharing them with the world. I followed my passion and graduated with a degree in Travel and Tourism, and Hospitality Management. However, life had a different plan, leading me into the world of Project Management.

Yet, the love for exploration and my desire to help others create lasting memories never waned.
It wasn't until marriage and starting a family that my passion for travel was reignited. I yearned to provide the highest level of customer service and share the joy of crafting unforgettable journeys. That's how Hi-Level Travel was born, with a commitment to curating experiences that become cherished memories
for all who embark on them.

Through Hi-Level Travel, my aim is to offer you the same exceptional experiences.

Whether it's your most valued clients, cherished friends, beloved family members, or fellow club enthusiasts, let's unite the individuals who add meaning to your life on a memorable journey brimming with joy and connection.

With a career spanning 15 years as a corporate executive and a dedicated working mom in the Project Management field, I bring a wealth of skills to the table.

This includes my unwavering commitment to meticulous planning, exceptional organizational abilities, a strong work ethic, and an unwavering passion for crafting tailor-made travel experiences that consistently surpass expectations.

I weave these qualities together with my extensive network of insider relationships to curate itineraries that promise luxurious indulgence and laughter. So, let's commence the planning of your next extraordinary escape—with the people who hold the dearest places in your heart right by your side.


    Uncover the sincere testimonials from our esteemed clientele...


    "From our first contact with Tonya, we felt we were in the hands of someone who wanted to take care of us. Se asked all the right questions and got to know us as a couple. Having her on our team helped us to create an elevated experience for our honeymoon..."

    - Client


    "Tonya listened to all my needs. Booked me a great hotel with continental breakfast. I was walking distance to so many amenities. My point of business was also walking distance. Made my stay easy and convenient..."



    "Tonya went above and beyond what I have ever experienced with any travel representative. Her details about the trip as well as wishing us a great vacation was a pleasant surprise. Thank you, Tonya!

    - Renee

Tailored Itinerary Crafting & TravelCoordination:

At Hi-Level Travel I specialize in crafting enduring memories and forging lifelong bonds through customized travel experiences. Whether your desire is to fortify family connections, reunite dear friends, raise funds for your organization, or enhance the camaraderie of your club members, a uniquely designed itinerary, personalized to your group's interests, is the perfect
solution—and we will mastermind every detail.