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Solo Person Professional Travel Planning Fee

Solo Person Professional Travel Planning Fee

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Solo Traveler Professional Services Fees

Per Trip Travel Planning + Reservations Management (our standard research + planning fee)

- $50 for solo traveler

5% of total Trip cost for Cancellation Fee (if you cancel after final payment has been made on your trip, we've done a considerable amount of work by this point)

Once fee is paid in full, will secure and confirm travel arrangements as agreed. 

By agreeing to this fee, I understand and except for myself and the travelers included in my party Hi-Level Travel LLCs Fee Structure.

I acknowledge and accept there are [cancellation policies, change fees, and penalties that apply to my travel plans and services]. I agree to all fees such as cancellation policies, change fees, and penalties, and understand that unused portions of travel vouchers are non-refundable. I also understand these fees are separate from the cost of my trip. All fees are non-refundable.

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